API Isolators

Schematic Engineering Industries design, manufacture, install and commission a wide range of products for the API and Bulk Drug sectors.

An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the biologically active component of a drug product such as a tablet, capsule, cream, and/or injectable, that produces the intended effects. In the Pharmaceutical industry, API and bulk drug substances and raw materials, such as powders, are transported, dispensed, dried, milled, micronised and packed for subsequent use further down the process line.... That's where we come in!

The Schematic Engineering range of API and Bulk Drug products includes;

Drum Containment Systems (DCS's) and DCS Isolators
Powder Transfer Systems (PTS's) and PTS Isolators
De-Lumpers, Sampling, Dispensing and Sieving workstations and Isolators
QC Isolators, Reactor Charging Isolators, Centrifuge Isolators
ANFD's and ANFD Isolators
Pressure Nutsche Filters and PNF Isolators
Vacuum Tray Dryers and VTD Isolators
Milling and Sieving workstations and Isolators
Micronisers and Microniser Isolators
Packing and Pack-off Isolators

In addition, Schematic Engineering supply a range of ancillary products and processing equipment for material handling, such as

Reactor Sampler, Static and Dynamic Pass Boxes
Storage and Dispensing Bins, Candle Filters
Big Bag Dispensing Systems, Glove Boxes and
Chemical resistant products and consumables such as EPDM isolator gloves.

We also supply foldable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) which are used to transport liquids and powders from plant to plant or process to process.

Why Partner With Us?

Logistics, API, Formulation & Injectable Equipment Solutions
Schematic and the wider Standard Group offer 95% of ALL products required for Pharmaceutical processing.