Pressure Nutsche Filters

Pressure Nutsche Filters
Pressure Nutsche Filters
Pressure Nutsche Filters
Pressure Nutsche Filters
Pressure Nutsche Filters
Pressure Nutsche Filters
Pressure Nutsche Filters
Pressure Nutsche Filters

Pressure Nutsche Filters

Schematic Engineering Industries design and manufacture a wide range of Isolator workstation equipment including Pressure Nutsche Filters (PNF's)

Our Pressure Nutsche Filter are used for Filtration of the Wet Material

Nutsche filtration is a batch filtration technique that uses vacuum and/or pressure in a closed vessel. The pressure/vacuum is used in combination with a filter plate fitted with the appropriate filter media to force liquid through the media, forming a solid bed often referred to as “cake”.

When rotated clockwise, the agitator pushes the dry cake towards the vessel wall during each rotation, thus expelling product intermittently out through the side discharge valve.

Nutsche filter/dryers can effectively perform the separation of solid matter from a liquid under pressure or vacuum, in a closed system. If placed inside an Isolator, sensitive, hazardous and potent materials can be processed in a safe operating environment.

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Design Features

  • Conforms to cGMP
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction

Technical Specification

  • Size: 300mm (12 inches) to 2.5m (100 inches) in diameter
  • Capacity: 50 to 10,000 Litres (larger sizes can be made upon request)
  • Operating Pressure: 0-20 barg (0-300 psig) - Vacuum option available on request
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 240 Degrees C. (460 Degrees F)
  • Supplied in 316 Stainless Steel material. (304 S/S and Alloy C276 are available on request)

Operational Benefit

  • Easy recovery of cake in dry or wet form
  • Wide range of material availability means that you can select the right design for the application and budget.
  • No wasted heel (zero bypass) means no process media scrap costs
  • Permits multiple processes to take place within the filter such as steaming, sparging, drying or washing
  • Accommodates a wide variety of flow rates and solids loading


  • Pilot plants for new or modified batch operation and/or processes requiring recovery of the cake
  • Laboratory and clean room applications
  • Production batch applications where cake thickness of 150mm (6”) and above is achievable
  • Porous cakes applications where cakes can build to several inches
  • Applications requiring treatment with Nitrogen purges or washes (acids)
  • Recovery of valuable solids where the filter cake is the product and filtrate is the waste

Supply Options

  • Vacuum operation available
  • Full instrumentation pack for control room management
  • Automated Lid actuation
  • Portable design available with lockable wheels for ease of movement
  • Arrangement for inert gas purging into PNF
  • Can be supplied with full Barrier Isolator with or without operator half suite technology for safe loading and discharge of hazardous, toxic and potent products (see example of a similar Barrier Isolator to the right)
  • All wetted parts of the dryer can be supplied with StanCoat 100 high chemical resistance coating

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