Formulation Isolators

Schematic Engineering Industries design, manufacture, install and commission a wide range of products for Formulation and OSD sectors. An Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) drug product typically consists of a dry powder formulation that includes the drug substance or API, various excipients, and intermediates and fillers.

In the Formulation area of the Pharmaceutical industry, powders, liquids and substances are transported, dispensed, dried and rigorously 'in-process' QC (IPQC) inspected and typically compressed into tablets.

Once in tablet form, the substance could then be coated (to make it easier for a person to swallow) and blister packed. Alternatively, formulated liquids are processed in bottle filling lines.

The Schematic range of Formulation and OSD products includes;
Sampling, Dispensing and Sieving workstations and Isolators,
Granulation Line workstations and Isolators,
Fluid Bed Dryers and Isolators,
Tablet Compression Isolators
IPQC Isolators,
Tablet Coating Glove Boxes
Capsule Filling Line Isolators and Blister Packing Isolators
Bottle Filling Line Isolators
Packing and Pack-off Isolators,

In addition, Schematic Engineering supply a range of ancillary products for the formulation area and clean rooms, such as
Misting Decontamination Showers,
Static and Dynamic Pass Boxes, and
Chemical resistant glove boxes and consumables such as EPDM isolator gloves.

We also supply Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) which are used to transport liquids and powders from plant to plant or process to process.

Formulation Isolator Products

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