Commodity Chemicals

Similar to the Bulk Drugs Industry, Commodity chemicals (or bulk commodities or bulk chemicals) are a group of chemicals that are made on a very large scale to satisfy global markets. In India, this market is vast.

Commodity chemicals are primarily differentiated by their bulk of their manufacture, therefore if things go wrong in the manufacturing process and contamination enters the product, the implications can be far reaching. Therefore, the correct equipment supply alignment with a reputable supplier such as Schematic Industries is a very sensible course of action as a value-adding benefit of a reliable piece of equipment far outweighs that of a cheaper item which uses inferior components of an untrustworthy supply.

Furthermore, stakeholder health and safety is of prime importance. By its nature, the Chemical industry is an increased risk environment not only to operatives, employees and visitors to the chemical plant from the chemical itself, but also the environment impact of a failed process and the resulting penalties imposed.

Schematic products are customized to suit your needs and you can depend on us to deliver you not just regular equipment but solutions that can help your plant meet all the appropriate standards and prosper under growing regulatory and legislative pressures.

We have a vast range of products for the commodity chemicals sector, specifically material handling products including sack discharge stations, shown below. Click here for further information.

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