Speciality Chemicals

Speciality chemicals are chemical products which provide a wide variety of effects. These 'performance' effects makes these chemicals of great importance to other industry sectors such as automobile, aerospace, food, cosmetics, agriculture, manufacturing and textiles.

Categories of speciality chemicals include adhesives, agrochemicals, cleaning materials, cosmetic additives, construction chemicals, elastomers, flavours, food additives, fragrances, Industrial gases, lubricants, polymers, surfactants and textile auxiliaries.

By their specialist nature, kg to kg when compared to Bulk Chemicals, this category of speciality 'performance' chemicals are very expensive and therefore the smallest error in the manufacturing process can result in a high cost to the plant. Confidentiality and protection of Intellectual Property is typically vital in this specialties market, where clients formulations and product compositions are often proprietary.

Schematic equipment is widely used in the speciality chemical sector, in batch production and in R&D facilities where the physical and chemical characteristics of the single molecules or the formulated mixtures and compositions of molecules is understood and developed.

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