Food & Beverage

The Food Industry is vast and covers many activities and disciplines. The Food Standards Agency, a government body in India, describes the 'whole food industry' as the process "from farming and food production, packaging and distribution, to retail and catering".

However it is defined, the one central underlining principle that applies to all food processing forms is that of regulation. Regulation comes in one or a combination of local, regional, national and international rules for food processing from production and sale to food quality, food safety and industry lobbying activities. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is a key governing regulatory body.

As the Beverage industry is also heavily regulated in a similar way, Schematic Industries provide equipment solutions for Food & Beverage processing; that is equipment and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into produce for human consumption.

Modern food production is defined by sophisticated technologies. Biotechnology is driving much change in areas as diverse as agrochemicals, plant breeding and food processing. This "food industry revolution" is exemplified by arguably the most profitable fruit in the UK; the strawberry. Less than a generation ago, strawberry sales were limited to 2-3 weeks in the year around July. Now, because of modern food science, strawberries can be grown and sold in the UK for over 10 months in the year.

In addition to embracing new technologies in the research and development area, the Food and Beverage industry must comply with the ever-increasing regulations and look to innovative ways to maintain a sustainable business profit. The stakes are high and so is the societal responsibility. Clean handling of process media is extremely necessary in this highly competitive industry. New processes need to be innovative and more and more bespoke, with special equipment and operator workstation configuration. In cGAMP, operator health and safety compliance adds a further level of client responsibility. Schematic Industries has won wide favour in this field, as we work with our clients, meeting and exceeding their equipment expectations.

Schematic has a vast range of material handling products for the food sector. For example, take a look at our innovative foldable IBC below with a liner and gated valve discharge orifice. These IBC's are ideal for moving food oils, diary produce and food/beverage liquids from plant to plant in a safe and cost effective manner. Click here for further information.

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