Value Add Services

In addition to providing innovative equipment from our standard product range, Schematic Engineering Industries offer a range of value-add services, as detailed below.

We also provide an Asset Healthcare Management service, designed as a contractual after-sales program dedicated to ensuring we use our expertise and technology to help keep the clients purchased asset in a premier operating condition, for its useful life expectancy.

Please contact us if you require additional services not listed below. We will be only to happy to endeavour to accommodate your specific requirements.

Design & Customisation

  • URS (User Requirement Specification) - Client specific design and product configuration (DQ - Design Qualification)
  • 3D CAD model develop and client exchange and PAT (Process Analytical Technology)
  • Equipment modularisation - future-proofing your operations with incremental 'bolt-on' modules as your business needs develop.

Ergonomic Trials & Operator Engagement

  • Life-size wooden/proto-type barrier isolator development
  • Operator ergonomic testing for sustainable operation and comfort. Also tests to ensure all isolator areas are cleanable (CIP/SIP)
  • Full client engagement and design specification (DQ) sign-off before manufacture commences

Factory Validation Testing

  • FAT / IQ testing - The partial commissioning & qualification of equipment and/or systems prior to their shipment from our facility
  • Hard and soft copies of documentation packs
  • 21 CRF 211 - cGAMP and cGMP reviews and auditing

Installation & Commissioning

  • SAT / OQ testing - Inspection and/or dynamic testing of the systems at the manufacturing site to qualify the equipment to the DQ / URS
  • Provision of skilled and experienced technical engineers and quality assurance personal to conduct PQ (Performance Qualification)
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with the engagement of the client and their needs
  • Client/Operator on-site and off-site training (theory and practical)
  • After sales and Asset Healthcare Management options including MQ (Maintenance Qualification)

Isolator Overhaul

  • Complete overhauling of in-field isolators (Schematic designs and other manufacturer designs)
  • Change Isolator worn parts and procure all necessary new parts/spares
  • Full Health testing: Leak test, light and lux test, air changes test, laminar air flow test, noise & vibration test and occupational exposure limit test.
  • Recommissioning of the equipment

The value added isolator products we offer include

API Isolators

  • Isolators for Sampling and Dispensing
  • Isolators for QC
  • Isolators for Reactor Charging
  • Isolators for ANFD
  • Isolators for Centrifuge
  • Isolators for PNF & VTD
  • Isolators for Milling and Sieving
  • Isolators for Micronisation
  • Isolators for Weighing and Packing

Formulation Isolators

  • Isolators for Dispensing and Sieving
  • Isolators for Granulation Line
  • Isolators for Tablet Compression Line
  • Isolators for Capsule Filling Line
  • Isolators for IPQC
  • Isolators for Blister Packing
  • Isolator for Bottle Filling

Injectable Isolators

  • Sterile Isolators for Dispensing, milling and sieving
  • Isolators for Compounding
  • Sterile Isolators for Filtration
  • Sterile Isolators for Liquid Filling Line
  • Sterile Isolators for Lypholisation
  • Sterile Isolators for Powder Filling Line
  • Isolators for External Decontamination
  • Sterility Testing Isolators

Why Partner With Us?

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