IBC - OF1249

IBC - OF1249
IBC - OF1249
IBC - OF1249
IBC - OF1249
IBC - OF1249
IBC - OF1249
IBC - OF1249
IBC - OF1249

IBC - OF1249

'LiquidBox' Innovation

Schematic supply Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's).

The OF1249 IBC is a very large IBC capable of contents storage of 1249 Litres (330 US Gals). It is an ideal solution for liquid movement and storage across all industry sectors including Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical sectors as it dramatically reduces costs in comparison with alternative intermediate bulk container systems that use drums, steel IBCs or even similar plastic foldable IBCs products.  Click here to see the video of FLCs loading onto a waggon.

The OF1249 has a standard footprint (48” x 44”) suitable for the North American market (and therefore particularly applicable for ALL exporters to the USA). It is understood to be the only IBC approved by Association of American Railroads (AAR) for both bottom and top dispense. In the food industry, it is used for freight haulage of products such as Tomato Paste, Fruit Pulp and other liquid food and beverage ingredients.

The OF1249 foldable bag-in-box (BiB) design simplifies liquid handling throughout the logistics process and, as OF1249 is returnable and reusable, substantially reduces the use of packaging materials compared to one trip IBC solutions.

At 4.0:1 folding ratio, OF1249 is understood to have the highest folding ratio of any IBC currently on the market, in its category. This folding rate is a very important as it decides how much space can be saved in aware house or truck when the container is folded.

With reduced costs comes increased client competitiveness in the market place.

OF330 has passed the general simulation performance test for packaged-products (ISTA-3E) by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), and also obtained the quality and reliability certification from the world's leading certification company SGS.

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Design Features

Some of the OF1249 design features include:

  • 1249L (330 US Gals) storage capacity
  • Smooth internal and external surfaces
  • Ultra-thin side panels
  • Self locking Lid with anti-tamper security feature
  • Ergonomic drop-down door
  • Secure, interlocking stacking system
  • Foldable – 4.0:1 folding ratio
  • Robust, integrated FLT / Pallet stacker compatible base
  • Anti-Slip base
  • Sump Cover

Technical Specification

The OF1249 has the following specifications:

  • External Length: 1219mm (48")
  • External Width: 1118mm (44")
  • External Height: 1215mm (47 7/8")
  • Internal Length: 1149mm
  • Internal Width: 1048mm
  • Internal Height: 1020mm
  • Folded Height (with Lid): 340mm
  • Folded Height (without Lid): 320mm
  • Unit Load Capacity @1.35g/cm3 Liquid density: 1500Kg
  • Static Load @5 stack in storage: 7500Kg
  • Dynamic load @2 stack in transit: 3000Kg
  • Volume: 1249 Litres (330 US Gals)
  • Weight: 118Kg
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • 20ft General Purpose Container: 56 folded pieces / 20 full pieces
  • 40ft General Purpose Container: 126 folded pieces / 40 full pieces
  • 40ft High Cube Container: 144 folded pieces / 40 full pieces
  • Standard Truck (9.6m x 2.4m x 2.6m high): 136 folded pieces / 20 full pieces
  • High Truck (9.6m x 2.4m x 3.0m high): 150 folded pieces / 20 full pieces

Operational Benefit

  • Smooth internal and external surfaces provide ease of cleaning/washdown
  • The Lid anti-tamper feature provides contents security in transport / IBC movement
  • Ergonomic drop down door provides ease of operator contents reach
  • The interlocking stacking system provides safe 5-high full contents stacking / storage
  • Easy use by a single operator
  • Sum cover security provides contents security


  • Food industry - freight haulage of products such as Tomato Paste, Fruit Pulp and other liquid food and beverage ingredients.
  • Food Industry - handling of vegetable oil, rape seed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil
  • Beauty industry - Personal Care, Creams and skin products
  • Fitness and Wellbeing industry - Food Supplements, protein powders
  • Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Bulk-Drug/API powder handling
  • Dairy Fluid handling, Milk and Curd dispensing and Storage
  • cGAMP operations

Supply Options

  • Optional RFID IBC tagging and app to optimise logistics management
  • Optional GPS tracking of the IBC
  • Wide range of Liners available

Bespoke capital equipment supply

Schematic specialises in the design, manufacture, FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing), installation and commissioning of IBC dispensing equipment solutions that integrate into the clients existing or new build plant and process lines. This ensures the benefits of the OF1249 IBC can be realised through the Schematic Engineering turnkey solution and service offering.

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