Microniser Isolators

Microniser Isolators
Microniser Isolators
Microniser Isolators
Microniser Isolators
Microniser Isolators
Microniser Isolators
Microniser Isolators
Microniser Isolators

Microniser Isolators

Microniser Isolators are used for dry powder particle size reduction under Pressure Jet impulsion.

Schematic Engineering design, manufacture and commission Microniser Workstation equipment for installation of existing or newly supplied Isolators.

Microniser barrier isolators systems are used for operator safety and protection during micronising operations.

Schematic has supplied Barrier Isolator designs with multiple chambers, some of which were internally coated in Stancoat 100; a hard wearing, highly chemical resistant surface coating which increases the operating life of the 316 Stainless steel rigid Barrier Isolator.

Schematic Microniser Isolators are available in a number of sizes depending on the desired size of particle required.

Typically, the standard sizes are 2" (50mm), 4" (100mm) and 8" (200mm). They are designed to create an operator and product safe environment for processing potent, hazardous or sensitive materials in a safe operating environment.

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Design Features

  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction inside the isolator with 304 Stainless Steel cladding on the outside
  • cGMP design
  • Up to OEB-5 Category Containment.
  • Complete inside area access.
  • Exhaust Double Filtration.
  • Chamber Auto Pressure Control System.
  • Retractable Flexible spiral for washing.
  • Dismantlable and easily accessible Micronizer integration to the main chamber.
  • Micronizer body handling and lifting arrangement via a pneumatic system.

Technical Specification

  • Standard Sizes = SCHE-50 (2"), SCHE-100 (4") and SCHE-200 (8")
  • ISO-8 Environment inside.
  • Material of Construction: SS 316 L/ StanCoat-100/ETFE Coating/ Hastelloy.
  • Inside area access through Glove Ports.
  • Washable Pre Filter arrangement.
  • Micronizer locking and unlocking devices.
  • Micronizer feeding equipment.
  • Micronizer bag shaking arrangement.

Operational Benefit

  • Polished Stainless Steel mirrors inside the isolator allows operator to view the corners and edges for optimised cleaning.
  • Full cladding on the outer surface of the isolator for aesthetic look and optimized cleaning of the Isolator
  • Ergonomically designed isolator to help prevent operator strain, over-reach and injury.


  • Micronisers are used as workstation equipment in the processing of ultra fine micronisation of dry powders such us pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and mineral pigments.
  • API Industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Especially used for handling High Potent chemicals.
  • Especially used for handling Hazardous materials.
  • Pesticides
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics
  • Supplements, Health and Well-being
  • Dairy
  • Veterinary

Supply Options

  • Special design available to handle Light Sensitive Products.
  • Inside Oxygen control System.
  • Inside Rh Controlled Systems.
  • Inside Temperature Control systems.
  • WIP and CIP Integrated Systems
  • Surface Finish in Matt or Mirror.
  • Can be integrated to Weighing Balance.
  • Bin Integration
  • Poly Bottle integration.
  • Customized design based on specific user requirements.
  • Customized design for different sizes.

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