Glove Assist

Glove Assist

Are you facing problems during isolator and glove box decontamination, struggling to keep your gloves erected?

Schematic manufacture the Glove Assist to resolve this.

The Glove Assist plays very important role in effective VHP decontamination in sterile isolators.

Customised to suit your Glove-port, the Schematic Glove Assist is easy to handle and ensures no blind spots within the glove decontamination process.

The system erects the gloves in seconds, therefore ensures no blind spots or 'poorly inflated glove bug-traps'.

It can be offered with an integral inflation system, so does not need to be connected to an air source to inflate the gloves. This means it is extremely portable and easy to use.

Design Features

  • Conforms to cGMP
  • Easy to use - plug and play
  • Inflates the gloves in seconds
  • indispensable for successful decontamination of glove boxes and barrier isolators.

Technical Specification

Operational Benefit

  • Easy to use - plug and play
  • Effective decontamination of Gloves in Glove boxes and barrier isolators


  • Glove Boxes
  • Barrier Isolators
  • Glove Ports

Supply Options

  • Integral inflation pump, requiring no external supply services.

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