Pack Off (Packing) Isolators

Pack Off (Packing) Isolators
Pack Off (Packing) Isolators
Pack Off (Packing) Isolators
Pack Off (Packing) Isolators
Pack Off (Packing) Isolators
Pack Off (Packing) Isolators
Pack Off (Packing) Isolators
Pack Off (Packing) Isolators

Pack Off (Packing) Isolators

Schematic design and manufacture a range of Pack Off Isolators types, as shown below.

Schematic's Pack Off Isolators are designed to offer a basic form of primary dust containment when off-loading and packing off product in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

Used for final packing and Semi final packing of the material in pharma areas and other sectors

Our Pack Off isolators typically provide Containment Protection of < 1µg/m3

Inward Inflating Head

Ensures a clean dust tight seal as the liner (normally continuous) is compressed against the feed tube so there is no product contact with the FDA approved natural rubber seal.

Outward Inflating Head

Forms a clean and dust tight seal within the open mouth or inner surface of either a continuous liner or single liner within customers’ containers

Downward Inflating Head

Has a membrane which inflates downwards to form a seal against the top of unlined drums or inlet rim of IBCs.

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Design Features

  • FDA approved seals
  • cGMP design throughout with easy clean surfaces
  • Hazardous Area controls (UL and Atex approved)
  • N2 Purge
  • CIP Cap
  • Up to OEB-5 CategoryContainment.
  • Complete Inside area access.
  • Exhaust Double Filtration.
  • Chamber Auto Pressure ControlSystem.
  • Retractable Flexible spiralfor washing.
  • Dismantlable and easilyaccessible Micronizer integration to the main chamber.
  • Nitrogen Purging Arrangement.
  • Vacuum supply arrangement.
  • 3 Layer packing arrangement.
  • Even laminar airflow inside the Isolator

Technical Specification

  • ISO-8 Environment inside.
  • MOC SS 316 L/ StanCoat-100/ETFE Coating/ Hastelloy.
  • Inside area access through Glove Ports.
  • SS mirrors to view the corners and edges.
  • Washable Pre Filter arrangement.
  • Full cladding on front side for aesthetic look of the Isolator

Operational Benefit

  • In-line sampling - optimises process efficiency
  • Guaranteed Containment Levels
  • Continuous Bagging Options - Reduces External Contamination Risk
  • Integrated Weighing Systems for Optimised Product Packing Assurance
  • Available in a wide range of materials to ensure solvent compatibility


  • API Industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Especially used for handling High Potent chemicals.
  • Especially used for handling Hazardous materials.

Supply Options

  • Special design to handleLight Sensitive Products.
  • Inside Oxygen control System.
  • Inside Rh Controlled Systems.
  • Inside Temperature Controlsystems.
  • WIP and CIP Systems
  • Surface Finish in Matt orMirror.
  • Can be integrated to WeighingBalance.
  • Bin Integration
  • Poly Bottle integration.

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