Reactor Charging Isolators

Reactor Charging Isolators
Reactor Charging Isolators
Reactor Charging Isolators
Reactor Charging Isolators
Reactor Charging Isolators
Reactor Charging Isolators
Reactor Charging Isolators
Reactor Charging Isolators

Reactor Charging Isolators

Charging or filling of reactors and other vessels with hazardous, potent and toxic substances is typically required in most chemical and pharmaceutical operations.

Used for material charging into Reactor

Schematic Industries range of flexible vessel charging systems provide a cost effective, safe operator environment against the hazardous powders or liquids whilst undertaking such activities.

By working closely with clients to develop rigorous Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we have been able to verifiably demonstrate operator exposure levels of less than 0.01µg/m3.

The reverse of the charging operation is called Pack-off or Off-loading. This is where there is a need to discharge highly hazardous, potent and toxic substances from equipment such as dryers into transportable containers. Again, Schematic can provide negative pressure barrier isolator systems for such operations and our sister companies, Standard Glass Lining Technology and S2 Engineering Industries can provide glass lined and stainless/carbon reactors to 30,000Litres in capacity.

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Design Features

  • Single or multiple charging/discharging chambers
  • Fully interlocked air-locks, doors & visors
  • HEPA filtration on inlet & outlet vents
  • A number of transfer system options
  • Isolator raise/lower systems for operator comfort
  • Fully integrated & flush-mounted weigh scales
  • Automated or manual drum tippers (optional)
  • OEL Categories OEB-5 (see technical spec)
  • Cost effective construction - S/S Frame & Flexible Anti-Static FDA sheeting
  • Poly bag handling inside thechamber.
  • Complete Inside area access.
  • Exhaust Double Filtration.
  • Chamber Auto Pressure Control System.
  • Retractable Flexible spiral for washing.

Technical Specification

  • ISO-8 Environment inside.
  • MOC SS 316 L/ StanCoat-100/ETFE Coating/ Hastelloy.
  • Inside area access throughGlove Ports.
  • SS mirrors in order to viewthe corners and edges.
  • Washable Pre Filterarrangement.
  • Full cladding on front side for aesthetic look of the Isolator.
  • OEB 5 - Extremely toxic and / or extremely high pharmacological activity

Operational Benefit

  • Modular Barrier isolator design with a wide range of optional features
  • Clear visibility during operation and cleaning
  • Operator safe working environment


  • Charging hazardous, potent and toxic substances into equipment
  • Charging Reactors, Dryers, Filter Dryers, ANF's and Storage Tanks
  • Pack-off / Off-Loading
  • API Industry.
  • Formulation Industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Especially used for handling High Potent chemicals.
  • Especially used for handling Hazardous materials.
  • Used for charging into SS reactors, GL Reactor and etc.

Supply Options

  • Manual Sampling System for Reactorfluid with Nitrogen Inertization.
  • Integrated to Reactorcharging nozzle.
  • Special design to handleLight Sensitive Products.
  • Inside Oxygen control System.
  • Inside Rh Controlled Systems.
  • Inside Temperature Controlsystems.
  • WIP and CIP Systems
  • Surface Finish in Matt orMirror.
  • RTP Integration.
  • Bin Integration
  • Poly Bottle integration.
  • Mobile type Isolator Design.
  • Customized design based on specific user requirements.

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