Introducing the USA sized OF330 Foldable IBC for Liquids
May 30, 2023

Introducing the USA sized OF330 Foldable IBC for Liquids

The revolutionary folding liquid OF330 IBC designed specifically for the efficient storage and transportation of bulk liquid products in the America's or exporting to the America's.

The OF330 has the USA standard IBC footprint of 44”x48”. It addresses the issue of both food and non-dangerous chemical handling using outdated bulk packaging items such as drums and wooden IBC’s to transport and store products.

OF330, Stretching the boundaries of IBC design

With many innovative designs OF330 is the considered by many as THE best choices for bulk liquid packaging industry.

4:1 Greatly enhanced return ratio

The collapsible design of OF330 minimizes storage space requirements and freight costs. OF330 has the highest folding ratio 4:1 in the IBC market. This equates to more empty units being loaded onto a truck. For a 48’ truck, it can take 192 pieces of the OF330 but only 120 pieces of other existing IBCs. For a 53’ truck, it can take 224 pieces of the OF330 but only 168 pieces of other existing IBCs. This greatly reduces CO² emissions and the effects these have on our environment as well as saves money.

Compact size but can even hold 330 gallons

OF330 with compact size but still holds 330 Gallons. By using the latest manufacturing technology we have reduced the overall size of the OF330 but retained its capacity of 330 gallons. Comparing with drums: 50% more products per pallet space, 150% increase in storage utilization, 33% less space used in racking, 6 times less saving in the storage of empties.

The side panels of the OF330 are thinner but stronger. It means every IBC will save almost 10% in storage space which will have direct benefits for all users and also protect the goods better. OF330 is strong enough to stack for 5 full containers for most. OF330 can stack 17 folded containers while other IBC only 12 at the same height to help you save the storage space by 40%.

We always think about the users of our products and how they can operate them easier, quicker and more safely. OF330 has newly designed locks on the lids. The locks are the easiest to use on any IBC.

Drop door for ease of liner installation

Drop door help people to install the bottom discharge liner easily. Lift up the drop door to unlock and press back it to lock. Patented design let the drop door be more stable and strong. Arc shape makes the container look more beautiful.

Large sump space for ease of valve operation

OF330 has a very generous sump space allowing for easy valve handle application. The sump cover will attach to the IBC wall panel when open, through the use of a magnetic device. The sump cover will return to its original closed position automatically when the panels are folded.

For further information on the foldable IBC OF330 design, please click here, or contact your nearest Schematic Sales representative.

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