Schematic Glove Boxes with Stancoat
January 9, 2022

Schematic Glove Boxes with Stancoat

Schematic's design and manufacture Glove Box technology for many standard and bespoke/difficult applications

The photo to the right show some of our Schematic Glove Boxes (designed for very tall people) awaiting client factory acceptance testing (FAT).

These little beauties are internally coated with Stancoat - a tough, durable and high performance chemical resistant material that enhances the properties/application of the Stainless Steel Glove Box construction.

Give us a call at our UK office on +44 7739 587683 if you are interested in discussing your Glove Box / Barrier Isolator application, or call the technical team in our Indian Office. We have an innovative, cost effective solution for your application !

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