Cost Effective Flexible Barrier Isolators
June 5, 2022

Cost Effective Flexible Barrier Isolators

Schematic's flexible barrier isolators are a cost effective solution for high quality containment and isolation of pharmaceutic substances. These isolators typically cost less than 50% of an "equivalent" rigid isolator and have a place in providing operator safety in modern process plants.

Schematic has designed many flexible barrier isolator solutions capable of attaining high levels of containment including;

  • Micronizers, Multi-milling, Pulverising, Jet Milling, Sieving and Weighing
  • Handling Cytotoxic drugs
  • Oncology drugs and Pack-off
  • Tablet presses and coaters
  • Dispensing and Sampling
  • Tray Drying (VTD's)
  • Roll Compactors
  • Pilot plant and laboratory equipment
  • Toxic Argochemical applications (Negative Pressure Isolators)
  • Filter Dryers and Fluid Bed Dryers (FBD's)

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