Best Barrier Isolator Ergonomic Design
August 14, 2022

Best Barrier Isolator Ergonomic Design

Operator repetitive strain injury is a real concern for many organisations as it costs tens of thousands of Dollars, Euros or GBP's in lost working days, employee compensation, missed production deadlines leading to customer dissatisfaction and loss of orders.

In the Pharmaceutical sector, poor barrier isolator design can be a significant contributing factor to such operator repetitive strain injuries, therefore getting your barrier isolator design tailored to suit your applications is critical.

Schematic Engineering Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of barrier isolators for the Pharmaceutical Industry sector. Every design is firstly 3D modelled in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and then ergonomically trialled in a life-sized wooden construction. This provides our clients with the opportunity to bring their operatives, supervisors and managers to our facility to review the proposed designs first hand, testing for reach and comfort during anticipated operations.

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