Crate - ALC7437

Crate - ALC7437
Crate - ALC7437
Crate - ALC7437
Crate - ALC7437
Crate - ALC7437
Crate - ALC7437
Crate - ALC7437
Crate - ALC7437

Crate - ALC7437

Our stackable ALC7437 crate model is ideal for many applications from pharma small bag handling to fresh food produce such as tomato handling. It can also be used to handle postal service parcels and merchandised branded product handling in the fashion and retail sector.

It is ideal for the inter-department movement and storage and warehousing of small packages in the storage and warehousing sector.

The ALC7437 crate, with an attached magnetic lock lid, has a 85 Litres (22.5 US Gals) capacity and a product reliability and high quality that is well proved in many hundreds of thousands of installations/uses around the world.

The integrated lid has an anti-theft screw feature that helps to keep the crate contents secure during inter-department and inter-company handling/movement.

It is not only stackable with multiple crates arranged in a pallet/lid (1200 x 1000mm footprint) configuration, it is also nestable which is an ideal space saver when the crate is not filled.

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Bespoke dunnages (say 2.2m tall with multiple ALC7437 crate stacks) can reduce the QC risk and loss of parts during transportation, providing a foundation for integrated management.

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Design Features

Some of the ALC7437 design features include:

  • 85 Litres (22.5 US Gals) storage capacity
  • Integrated, magnetic lock lid.
  • Smooth internal and external surfaces
  • Nesting design
  • Strong and Robust design
  • Robust, integrated FLT / Pallet stacker compatible base (when employed in a stack arrangement with a lid)
  • Anti-slip base
  • Anti-theft design

Technical Specification

The ALC7437 has the following specifications:

  • Crate Weight: 4.6Kg
  • External Length: 710mm
  • External Width: 465mm
  • External Height: 373mm
  • Internal Length: 600mm
  • Internal Width: 374mm
  • Internal Height: 343mm
  • Nesting Height: 91mm
  • Nesting rate: 75%
  • Crate Load in storage: 30Kg
  • Volume 85 Litres (22.5 US Gals)
  • Material of Construction: PP Plastic

Operational Benefit

  • Integrated and attached Lid means that the contents can be enclosed and protected from the external environment
  • The anti-theft security design means that the lid can be "locked" and the contents protected from theft or tampering.
  • The magnetic lid locking feature helps to ensure the lid remains open/closed during handling/filling operations and thus less likely to be damaged during such.
  • Smooth internal and external surfaces provide ease of cleaning/washdown
  • The stacking design makes the crate ideal for storage/warehouse/transportation when the crate is full.
  • Minimum storage/transport space required with the crate is nested. The nesting design also saves huge transport costs on the return journey when the crate is empty.


  • Food industry produce handling
  • Merchandise / branded product handling
  • Automotive sector - parts handling
  • Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Bulk-Drug/API lined small bags (eg; 5-10-25Kg) powder handling

Supply Options

  • Folding option (The EUO6434 crate model is a folding design without lid)
  • Optional RFID IBC tagging and app to optimise logistics management
  • Optional GPS tracking of the IBC

Bespoke capital equipment supply

Schematic specialises in the design, manufacture, FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing), installation and commissioning of IBC dispensing equipment solutions that integrate into the clients existing or new build plant and process lines. This ensures the benefits of the ALC7437 Crate IBC can be realised through the Schematic Engineering turnkey solution and service offering.

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