Barrier Isolators with Monochromatic Lighting
August 22, 2022

Barrier Isolators with Monochromatic Lighting

In the pharmaceutical industry, protecting light-sensitive drugs is paramount. Schematic Engineering Industries takes a revolutionary approach with Barrier Isolators featuring custom lighting solutions.

Pharmaceutical Challenges

Light sensitivity is a critical concern in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Over 250 drugs and adjuvants, as prescribed by the European Pharmacopoeia, demand protection against light degradation. Exposure to ultraviolet light during manufacturing, storage, or administration can lead to oxidation, hydrolysis, and loss of potency in sensitive medications.

Schematic's Solution: Barrier Isolators with Integrated Lighting

Recognising the risks associated with light degradation, Schematic Engineering Industries has developed cutting-edge Barrier Isolators equipped with customisable lighting solutions. These isolators provide a controlled environment, shielding pharmaceutical products from harmful light exposure.

Key Features of Schematic's Light-Protected Barrier Isolators

  1. Tailored Lighting Solutions: Schematic's isolators offer adaptable lighting configurations, ensuring precise protection based on the specific requirements of light-sensitive drugs.
  2. Monochromatic Light: The photo in the production workshop showcases Schematic's use of monochromatic light, exemplifying the commitment to innovation in pharmaceutical containment.
  3. Customisable Options: Clients can collaborate with Schematic to tailor lighting setups to their unique drug formulations, meeting the highest standards of light protection.

Advantages of Light-Protected Barrier Isolators

  1. Preserving Drug Potency: Schematic's isolators prevent light-induced reactions, preserving the potency and efficacy of pharmaceutical formulations.
  2. Ensuring Drug Stability: By eliminating the risk of oxidation and hydrolysis, these isolators contribute to the overall stability and reliability of light-sensitive medications.
  3. Adherence to Pharmacopoeial Standards: Schematic's solutions align with European Pharmacopoeia standards, offering regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

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The Barrier Isolator displayed in the workshop represents Schematic's commitment to advancing pharmaceutical containment technologies. For more information on these groundbreaking light-protected isolators and other innovative solutions, contact us here.

In the quest for pharmaceutical excellence, Schematic Engineering Industries lights the way with pioneering solutions that redefine drug protection and quality assurance.

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